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Welcome to my Saxophone Studio!

Teaching is one of my joys and passions!  From a very early age I have been teaching and aiding students to find a love for music.  Whether you're a beginning saxophonist, amateur adult, or young professional, let's get started! 

I offer lessons in person in the Austin area, or online via Zoom. 



30 minutes: $30

45 minutes: $45

60 minutes: $60 

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is simple: to build musical experiences that will lead to lifelong enjoyment, appreciation, and involvement in music, regardless of capacity, time, or place. I seek to expand all student’s musical interests by integrating culturally relevant lessons, music, projects, and performance into the classroom.  As a teacher, I lead my students to foster creativity, learn new musical language, demonstrate proper technique, tone, and accuracy, as well as establishing good practice habits. I strive to create a learning environment that fosters independent thinkers and encourages/embraces mistakes in the learning process.  In order to learn students must make mistakes and struggle in the learning process. This part of learning is what makes growth so exciting.  When students experience and recognize their own mistakes and periods of struggle it will allow them to become a self aware musician, leading them to grow outside of the lesson space. Together we will explore, struggle, and grow through the learning process to create a memorable experience.  Creating music should be fun, as well as challenging, in my classroom creativity is fostered through independent musical decisions, developing a unique musical interpretation, and encouragement to step outside of the realm of the lesson room.  My hope as a teacher is to guide students through experiences that forge a path for lifelong learning and a love of music. 

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